After teasing the tech world with a cryptic homescreen announcement, Apple announced this morning that the Beatles, who have been stark opponents of selling their music digitally online, will finally open their catalog to the iTunes Music Store. If downloading all the albums online for free taking a trip to Best Buy was too much of a chore for you, we can see why this is huge. [Apple]

Facebook is gunning for the Gmail crown with its new Messages system, which looks to combine email and other communication platforms into one service. [NY Times]

And Google is taking another shot at building a location-based social network with HotPot. Yummy. [Mashable]

What do you get when you mix a Nooka rip-off and an iPod Nano? Something like this. [Gizmodo]

Now that Samsung is building a Google TV, we may actually buy one. [Crave]

Here's everything you need to know about tethering your phone to your laptop. [Life Hacker]

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