googleglass_thumbnail If you're part of the dwindling number of Google Instant users, you lately may have noticed a little magnifying glass next to certain search results: This is Google Instant Preview. What started as an unofficial experiment has turned into a full-on feature which lets you get a quick glimpse of each web page before you click the link. For those of you too lazy to turn Google Instant off, it's a welcome addition, but it's not enough to make people switch it on.
[Life Hacker]

After failing as a Google competitor, is returning to its roots. First question: Is Jeeves coming back?
[NY Times]

Here are some words of wisdom from Ron Conway, the world's most powerful start-up investor. [Business Insider]

Looking to go head-to-head with the iPad, BlackBerry announces the PlayBook will sell for under $500. [PC World]

Hello, New World: European researchers want to turn your smartphone into a STD test. [Daily Tech]

Looking to break into Internet TV, YouTube released an Android app that acts as a remote control for its Google TV app. [Digital Trends]

Remember when Chris Rock said a new prison is better than an old project building? Moscow's proving him right by giving prisoners access to tanning beds and Skype. [Gizmodo]

Two of the world's biggest Internet companies, Google and Facebook, are going back and forth over privacy concerns. Isn't this like the the pot calling the kettle black, or Waka Flocka calling someone ignorant? [CNET]