Comics: Comics Alliance has an exclusive preview of Strange Tales II #3. Just promise you'll come back here after you check it out, k? [Comics Alliance]

Movies: Will Ferrell and Larry David were forced to pay $600K in fines after they lost a lawsuit filed against JP Morgan Chase. Look, we've come to accept Wall Street taking money out of our pockets, but now they're going after Ron Burgundy and George Costanza? That's a line too far, man. [NY Post]

TV: It looks like the production crew for NBC's fat camp reality show The Biggest Loser is going to go on strike. Can the Peacock afford doughnuts for the show's contestants and crew?!? Stay tuned... [The Hollywood Reporter]

Politics: Shocker: Sarah Palin takes shots at Michelle Obama in her new book. Stay classy, Alaska. [Huff Post]

TV: "Sofia Vergara bouncy GIFs." That is all. [Warming Glow]