Politics: Republicans partied like it was 1994 last night by handing Democrats their asses in the mid-term elections. Republicans won the House, gaining at least 60 seats, and came close to taking over the Senate, picking up six seats. It was a result that, by the end of the night, had the GOP doing a collective Tiger Woods-style fist-pump. [CNN]

Politics: Weed smokers throughout California let their voices be heard in last night's election—and they spoke by not doing shit. Proposition 19, for the legalization of marijuana, was defeated. Who knew that potheads would be so unreliable? [ABC News]

Movies: Al Pacino continues his latest trend of starring in movies that sound awful even before anyone has seen them, by signing up for Arbitrage, a film about a hedge fund magnate. The movie is being described as a "financial thriller." Good God: Someone needs to just Fredo him already. [Theater Mania]

TV: The line-up for Skating With the Stars was announced, and it includes Sean Young, Vince Neil, and a handful of other D-listers you weren't quite sure were still alive. However, there was no news on ABC's next genius idea, "Walking With the Stars." [USA Today]

Politics: In other California news and the massive fail they have become, San Francisco is on the verge of banning the Happy Meal. Speaking for every pudgy 4th grader in the Bay Area: "You heartless bastards!" [AOL]