TV: In another case of a groupie, incriminating text messages, a pissed-off wife, and a socially awkward athlete, Eva Longoria is ending her three-year marriage to San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker after recovering hundreds of messages Parker sent to a female. Message to all womanizing athletes: Put a password on your phone for fuck's sake. [US Magazine]

Movies: It's a big week for Ryan Reynolds: Not only did the trailer for Green Lantern, which he stars in, just premiere, but it was also announced that People Magazine named him the "Sexiest Man Alive." Yeah, like the guy married to Scarlett Johansson really needed to win the free-vagina-for-life lottery. [People]

Comics: If you were one of the two people who still reads newspapers in their physical form, then you would have noticed that in today's New York Daily News there is a nifty Spider-Man comic insert. The comic features Mayor Michael Bloomberg helping an unemployed Spider-Man find a job. Apparently spraying web for johns in public restrooms wasn't cutting it. [Huffington Post]

Politics: In a NY Times Sunday magazine profile, Sarah Palin acknowledges that she is seriously considering making a 2012 run for president and is currently consulting with her family and looking at what kind of staff she may need to hire. In other news: Queries into Canadian citizenship have reportedly risen to an all-time high. [NY Times]

Movies: Harry Potter is responsible for more than just grown men creepily counting down the days until Emma Watson became legal. [NextMovie]