This morning, when you stumbled out of bed to relieve yourself, did you remember to give props to the porcelain for World Toilet Day? You didn't know that, in 2001, the World Toilet Organization, a global non-profit group dedicated to promoting sanitation, declared its founding day, November 19, a holiday?! Man, you better go buy a celebratory bottle of Clorox on your way home or the bowl will be backing up on you for the next month! While World Toilet Day does have a deeper meaning, we can’t get past the immediate laughs that come with such a holiday. That’s what happens when your mind’s always in the, um, toilet. For us cinephiles, the bathroom’s most important component has been the source of endless tomfoolery, delivering several of film’s most underappreciated sight gags. So, in honor of World Toilet Day, Complex has assembled the 25 best toilet gags in movies, listed in no particular order because, really, they're all number one or number two.

By Matt Barone