vietnamEA's Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion finally has a date, and that date is Fuckbobbykotickember 21. Oops. Damn spell check. It'll be out in three weeks. [USA Today]

Dr. Kawashima's Body and Brain Exercises, being developed for the Kinect, should be out in February. At which point we will await the numerous videos of women doing brain exercises without their hands. Because we've never heard of Spankwire. [MCV]

Next year's Deus Ex sequel is doing some crazy shit on the ARG front, and the teaser site for its in-game company Sarif Industries is no longer just a teaser. All we know is we want an extra cybernetic arm! [Sarif Industries]

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and gone, the old "the Wii is dead/the Wii is STILL AWESOME" drumbeat is starting up again. But what's really going on? [Gamasutra]

Epic Mickey is out today for the Wii, so the boys at Wired took a crack at some other dark games that could use the Disney treatment. Where's Cinderalla and Punishment?[Game Life]