Squandered Potential is a crueler mistress than Expected Failure. No one pays attention when a movie-based game receives a low review score—failure was the only viable option in the first place. We can thank Enter the Matrix for setting that standard. But when a game reveals itself to be a favorite child prodigy at E3, hype begins to build. As the release date nears, the Internet starts to buzz like the drone of hornets. "It’ll be the next Halo/God of War/Zelda!" Unfortunately that E3 star, upon release, often grows up to be a dirty chav. A disappointment. A dud. Hundreds of frustrated "fjdkalfjs" are banged out on the keyboards of game reviewers and forum dwellers. We whine, we castigate, and we move on. And then we do the same thing all over again for the next "big game." This year, we’ve already seen our fair share of hyped games that ultimately let us down. Not all of them were even bad games, mind you. They just weren’t as great as we wanted them to be. History has shown that we’ll always be slaves to our hopes. People had high hopes for the new Medal of Honor reboot, perhaps as an underdog to usurp Call of Duty. But sadly, the game ended up being a bit underwhelming. (The same thing happened with recent fan-made sex RPG Marvel Brothel, but that's another pervy story.) Read on to check out some of the recent genius games that weren’t.