reachgive Well, it's time to announce the winners of the three Halo: Reach Legendary Editions we're giving away, and let us say this: We are shocked. Dismayed. Straight-up CRESTFALLEN at how many of you pointedly ignored our request to link your comment to some sort of verifiable identity. There were some fantastic comments on our giveaway post, but unfortunately, we can't name you winners because you're cowering behind your overvalued veil of anonymity! That being said, we heartily enjoyed every single comment, but we can only choose three. Read on to see some honorable mentions, as well as the lucky winners. We'll see y'all in Matchmaking!


Eric Lawton: "I need halo cause I mess bitches up, straight jizz style. You know what I'm saying homie. [][] ~~~~~~~~~ <===3. Straight out the window LIKE BAMM"
Complex Says: We enjoyed the defenstration emoticon, but we took issue with "jizz style." Just saying.

Kadir: "I should win 'cause I live in Costa Rica... and y'all can come kick it any time y'all want as long as you pick me... What's better than beaches, hot chicks, cheap drinks, and halo reach?"
Complex Says: First off, we're still coming to Costa Rica to kick it with you. However, your Twitter page says you've already lost 50 pounds, but are still trying to drop that last 30. Which is fucking commendable—salute!—but trust us, sitting on the couch playing Halo is not gonna get you to your goal. Once you've gotten there, though, get at us and we'll work something out.

Amy: "Once I was playing Halo 1 with my boyfriend and I sniped a hunter off his back and he was much impressed. This other time I was playing online and a prepubescent boy laughed at me because I was trying to shoot him and he had a shield on. (Jizzmaster, you are a jerk!) Clearly though, I need practice.I would love a copy of Halo Reach Legendary Edition so I could practice and be awesome! And have a flaming helmet."
Complex Says: We love ladygamers. But we had no way to contact you! Sorry, Amy.


Eric Cruz: "College has left me broke. Family and Work stay on my last nerve. Plus daily intake of Alcohol, Marijuana and Facebook to cope gets boring. Cold and Shitty Weather is on its way to NYC and on its way to keep me from skating. There are literally no indoor skateparks in the city and it starts to get dark at 6PM. Dont forget constant rain/snow (That never gets plowed) and below freezing temps. I've pretty much given up on skating for the winter and need another outlet for stress. Only thing I have to look forward for is the chance to get my hands on Halo: Reach and the Reunion of Dipset. Thanks for hearing me out."
Complex Says: Although you bummed us out by making us realize that the days are getting depressingly short, the lack of indoor skate parks in NYC is indeed lamentable, and we empathize with your predicament. Ay!

jonastheprince: "My prayer for the year: I may be reaching here as far as to touch them angels wings and halo's but I've been a good boy this year God... This is not my last wish because I'm not dying but I am dying to play this game. I promise that i will keep buying complex magazine since it's your favorite and I will TRY to stop looking at the Beautiful women on the cover in a perverse way. Dear God if you can't get me the game how about a date with Cassie or nicki minaj .Thanks God and thank you to complex been rocking with y'all since that spoon fed x complex t-shirt giveaway a few years back . We don't fk with them other magazines or wale for that matter . Peace."
Compex Says: Lolz. Since we can't hook you up with Nicki, this is the least we can do. Plus, bonus points for mentioning that shirt!

Richard Gonzalez: "Hello Complex Mag. I work a fulltime job in the medical field, I'm married, and I have a little one on the way. I also freelance write for as an arts blogger (no money in it, but its fun). I'm a pretty busy guy with not too much free time on my hands. But when I do get some free time, I like unwinding with some xbox 360. Most of my games are not really recent. Personally I can't afford to pay full price for anything, especially games. So I usually go buy it used and under $20. I don't ask for much in life other than good health for me and my fam and a steady job. Just once (because its been a while) i'd like something new. I think the Halo Reach Legendary Edition should be that something. Thanks!"
Complex Says: Dude, you are grinding. Shouts to your frugality, congrats on the family, and enjoy playing a new game!