djhero2So DJ Hero 2 drops tomorrow, and thanks to the good folks at the game's money-printer publisher Activision, we have nine to give away—that's 18 individual wheels of steel! (Actually, it's still only nine, since you only need one to play the game). All you have to do is give the man behind the wheels some credit. Here's how it's gonna go: we have three base bundles (which includes the game and one turntable controller) each for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, and we'll give one of each away each day to the first people who are able to correctly answer a daily DJ quiz. Email your answers to with a subject that includes the phrase "DJ Hero 2"—and be sure to mention what console version you want. Hit the jump for today's quiz, and good luck!

1. Who's generally credited with inventing the "transformer scratch"?
2. About whom did MC Shan proclaim "on the two turntables I would say he's nice"?
3. One-hit wonder Joe Sinistr first appeared on what DJ's compilation album?
4. What Bay Area city is home to DJ Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike?
5. What was the proper spelling of Q-Bert's onetime turntablist crew?
6. Who was Third Bass' DJ?
7. What producer made his name as the first DJ to win all three major world championships (DMC, Vestax, and ITF)?

Email your answers to!

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