True Grit_Wake

Film adaptations of books rarely (if ever) top the original. True Grit, a Western novel written by Charles Portis, was previously made into a film in '69, starring Flavor Flav's least favorite actor, John Wayne. But several noteworthy factors contribute to our high hopes for this remake of a remake, which comes out on December 25th. First, the film is getting produced, written, and directed by the Coen brothers (Fargo, No Country for Old Men), and they rarely failed us---except for that time when Ladykillers made us want to kill a lady. And second, it boasts a superstar cast that can actually act (all three leading actors have many trophies at home). It seems like Hollywood will continue its attempt to revitalize the Western genre, so why not start with something that's worth your money? Check out the dramatic trailer above.

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