If you're down to broaden your cinematic scope or just want to impress some hipster chicks, this is the film for you! Gaspar Noé, who directed 2002's Irréversible (the controversial film well-known for its rape scene starring Monica Bellucci), premiered his third feature film Enter the Void at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Starring newcomer Nathaniel Brown, and New York City-native Paz de la Huerta, the film deals with the intimate relationship shared between Brown and de la Huerta's characters as siblings, and how even as a ghost, Brown's character can't move on to the afterlife. From the hallucinogenic color patterns displayed in the cinematography to the disturbing plot line, it clearly suggests the film's tendency to leave a long-lasting impression in our domes. The flick's been out in France since May, but it'll be in theaters stateside on September 17. Watch the trailer above, and go holla at those sales reps at American Apparel!

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