This may come as a startling revelation to some filmmakers, but we go to horror movies because we want to be horrified. Well, that and we want to terrify a chick so she's on edge and ready for the portion of our date where we lock her in the basement with our one-eyed monster. Unfortunately, a lot of the "scary movies" that Hollywood's sphincter squeezes out for us fail to deliver a good scare on every level. We're not talking about the tongue-in-cheek, genre-mocking films that play for laughs, mind you, but the ones that claim to be frightening and then fall short by using cheesy CGI monsters and actors who clearly couldn't overpower anyone as serial killers, spelling out death scenes in advance, and generally sticking to a script of nothing but horror clichés. For genuine chills, check out our countdown of the 50 scariest movies of all time. For the 50 least scary horror movies, keep reading...if you not be frightened!