October is in full swing, and us kids at Complex couldn't be happier about it. Baseball playoffs, leaves on the ground, and the first sips of those spicy hot schnapps drinks with the little pieces of cinnamon in 'em. Plus Halloween, a chill in the air, and revolution. Sitting around the fireplace with the fam, carving pumpkins and...wait, did we say revolution? Why yes, we did, as in the October Revolution.

You see, 93 years ago this month (and next*), folks were getting a little agitated in dear old Russia. Something about the "dictatorship of the proletariat." Anyway, some folks with hammers and sickles got to hammerin' and sicklin', and (spoiler alert) we ended up with the Soviet Union. As regards the Soviet Union, perhaps the less said, the better. But all of that agitating gives us an excuse to talk about our favorite Russian export of all: its women. Short ones, tall ones, light ones, dark ones, they come in a variety of flavors, but contrary to the unibrowed, hairy-moled stereotype, they are spectacular. Putting together this list of the 50 Hottest Russian Women was hard work, but we're used to it. Now sit back in your plush little bourgeois office chair and enjoy.

*Yes, we know that much of the "October Revolution" actually happened in November. We blame crappy Soviet-made calendars for the discrepancy.