Realizing that not everyone needs the power of its Power Loader exoskeleton mechanical suit, Panasonic—through its Activelink subsidiary—has developed a more attainable, less powerful version called the Power Loader Light (PLL). While you don't get the crazily cool robot arms of the original Power Loader, the PLL can increase the users leg strength by 40 kg. What can you do with that newfound leg power? Fend off attacks from a Snooki in heat? Hell if we know, all we know is that we want one. And at a relatively cheap $233,000, we should have one by the time Detox comes out. [Crunch Gear]

For those of you not completely Google Doc'd-out, Office for Mac 2011 is now available. [Mac Rumors]

If you're in Australia and you see a life-sized Google Android robot walking the streets, don't worry, you're not on acid. [Engadget]

Amazon's new Windowshop app is pretty dope. [Mashable]

California will be the site of the world's largest solar power electricity plant. America! Fuck yeah! [CNET]

Vimeo doesn't want to get left behind in the Internet TV revolution. [CNET]

You'll soon be able to use Google Instant search with your Android phone. ...Yay? [Engadget]