China adds another technological feat to its resume by creating the world's fastest supercomputer: the Tianhe-1A. For those not in the know, supercomputers are systems that combine thousands of small servers and use software to turn them into one powerful entity. Reports have the Tianhe-1A pushing 1.4 times the power of the previous U.S.-built title holder, which lies somewhere in a national lab in Tennessee. Of course, the U.S. has announced plans to snatch back the crown, but until then Hu Jintao can kick back and get really good at chess, or whatever it is people do with supercomputers. [NY Times]

Rumors have Apple canceling the white iPhone 4 and prepping the iPhone 5 for summer 2011. [BGR]

The United Kingdom claims Google is breaking privacy laws with its Street View feature. Another day, another enemy. [InformationWeek]

Myspace redesigned its site and made itself a new logo. In other forgotten-social-network news, Friendster is still largest social network in Asia! [PC World]

The iPad is officially on sale through Verizon's website. [Digital Daily]

Control your car with your smartphone using this new add-on. [Techland]

Mozilla has announced the official Firefox 4 upgrade will be delayed till early 2011. [CNET]

Looks like the newest members of the Motorola team—the Droid, Droid X, and Droid 2—brought its investors tremendous cream. [Engadget Mobile]