Comics: "Prison Funnies" author Chip Zdarsky's running for mayor of Toronto. Hey, if witches can run for senate in Delaware, why not comic book writers in Canada? [Comics Alliance]

Crime: Responding to a false burglar alarm, Oakland police shoot and kill a family's 11-year-old arthritic dog, then leave a note on the door explaining what happened. Here's our note: "Dear OPD, The fuck is wrong with you people?" [SF Gate]

TV: A thought-provoking glimpse into the creative motivations of the late Greg Giraldo. [Warming Glow]

Politics: White House chief of staff (and brother to the real life Ari Gold) Rahm Emanuel is going back home to Chicago to run for mayor. WH manicurists said to be "taking time to readjust" to working with a fully-digited C.O.S. [NY Daily News]

Movies: The PR battle between Mark Zuckerberg and the makers of The Social Network heats up. This could get really, really fun. [The Hollywood Reporter]