Movies: With buzz mounting for her performance in Tron, Olivia Wilde's been thrown into the casting mix for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. Nope, we ain't mad at it. [The Playlist]

TV: This week's Modern Family featured Sarah Hyland (who is real-life legal, so bacdafucup) in a series of sexy Halloween costumes. Nope, we ain't mad at that either. [Warming Glow]

Politics: CNN's Anderson Cooper got the Arkansas school board member who posted homophobic rants on his Facebook page to resign on air. That dude's kinda gangster (Cooper, not the homophobic shithead). [Huffington Post]

Comics: Just in time for Halloween, a gallery of manga-style illustrations of classic horror lit from Tatsuya Morino. [Pink Tentacle]

Politics: Breaking News: President Obama is a racist! Well, that's what Fox News is saying, and we're rolling with it. [Talking Points Memo]