Movies: Mel Gibson can't catch a break! Earlier this week it was revealed he had been cast in the sequel to The Hangover, now it seems he's been dropped from the project. Geez, one two three a couple dozen racial slurs and a guy's tarnished for life now? [Hollywood Reporter]

Politics: As the GOP continues to lurch between "batshit crazy" and "essentially feral," South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has announced that he's introducing legislation to stop public funding for National Public Radio after NPR fired talk show host Juan Williams. Great, just what we need, more pledge drives during The Diane Rehm Show. [Talking Points Memo]

Comics: A recently unearthed letter gives an early glimpse at the evolution of Wonder Woman's look. Oh man, we're getting really horny excited thinking about Halloween. [Letters of Note]

Politics: WikiLeaks is releasing hundreds of thousands of confidential documents related to the war in Iraq. Well, now our weekend plans are shot to shit. [Yahoo]

Anthropology: Psych! Your really thought we were gonna spend our weekend reading war reports (word to the other C-N-N)? Eff no, we're checking out hot chicks eating hot dogs! [Hot Dog Sluts]