jackassMovies: So much for the cultural touchstone that is The Social Network—looks like Johnny Knoxville & Co. came along and fucked the game up, raking in $50 milli this weekend and setting a new record for a fall movie opening. It's like the Avatar of homoerotic masochism! [Box Office Mojo]

Comics: Grant Morrison is as creepily brilliant as he always was, and he's talking to the good folks at Comics Alliance about everything from his forthcoming new Batman title to THE NATURE OF TIME ITSELF. Minds blown. [Comics Alliance]

Tabloids: The final tally for Tiger's payout is in, and it is...weirdly not as astronomical as we'd imagined. Only $110 million? That's only like two opening weekends of Jackass 3D and a third-week performance of The Social Network. [Pop Eater]

TV: Crack open this week's Hot 20 Globally Evil Partnerships and you'll see that Ashton Kutcher x CBS has skyrocketed to #3! Apparently, the rankings are skewed heavily toward networks that insist on buying horrible Internet gimmicks even though the first time was not really the best idea. [Warming Glow]

Crime: Reason #679 Not To Approve Facebook Friend Requests From Your Creepy High School Teacher: He wears a t-shirt that says HUSTLER: HARDCORE SINCE '74. [NY Post]


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