Movies: The name of the next Batman flick's been announced, and out of respect for Christopher Nolan, we'll skip the cheap and tasteless jokes we would usually make with a title like The Dark Knight Rises. However Mr. Nolan: you're fucking dead to us if the villain is Calendar Man. [LA Times]

TV: Conan O' Brian continues down the road of all-time awesomeness by daring NBC to sue him if he uses his Masturbating Bear gag. Come on NBC, you know you can't beat the Masturbating Bear. [Huffington Post]

Media: Juan Williams is still upset about NPR firing him, but he's riding for Fox News because they "let him sit in the big chair" (for $2 million for three years). Somewhere a village is missing its stooge. [Baltimore Sun]

Politics/TV: Folks are getting excited for the Jon Stewart x Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive. We were gonna head down to D.C. and try to pick up some of the free lovin' hippie trim, but it seems it's going to be a serious affair. Oh well. [MSNBC]

Crime: Remember the girl from a few years back with the three-week case of the hiccups? Well, now "Hiccup Girl" is being held on a murder charge after she allegedly helped murder a man. Yup, hoes is irritatin' like the hiccups...especially when they get you killed! [Washington Post]