Comics: Just in time for New York Comic Con, a preview of Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman Incorporated. [DC Universe: The Source]

TV: The 14-year-old girl who used to voice Dora in Dora the Explorer is suing Nickelodeon after the network dismissed her from the role. Homegirl's looking for that backpack money! [Hollywood Reporter]

Politics: The geopolitical reverberations of the Dipset reunion continue to shake the earth to its very core: Jim Jones is stepping down as National Security Advisor. Kufi-wearing Pentagon employees (all two of you) rejoice! [NY Times]

Movies: In the best news out of Broadway since Rent got canceled, Paul Reubens is taking The Pee-Wee Herman Show to the live stage. [Screen Crave]

Crime: The California sea lion that got SHOT IN THE FACE last November is getting reconstructive surgery today. Which is the crazier Cali moment here: Reconstructing a sea lion's face or the fact that the poor fucker got SHOT IN THE FACE in the first place? [SF Gate]