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After a great three-day giveaway, we've finally gone through and tallied up the winners. We like to think that our DJ quizzes brought out the hip-hop historian in everyone, so we put together the answer key as well. Read on after the jump to see what the right answers were, what the common mistakes were, and who nailed 'em all. Congrats to the nine winners—enjoy your DJ Hero 2 bundles, and we'll see y'all online...

1. Who's generally credited with inventing the "transformer scratch"? DJ Jazzy Jeff, though it was an evolution of scratches invented by Philly DJs Spinbad and Code Money
2. About whom did MC Shan proclaim "on the two turntables I would say he's nice"? Marley Marl, on "Marley Scratch"
3. One-hit wonder Joe Sinistr first appeared on what DJ's compilation album? We were a little ambiguous in this one—Joe Sinistr had his only solo cut on Terminator X's second album, but he first appeared a few months prior with a verse on Erick Sermon's album No Pressure. Our bad; we decided accepted both as correct answers (even though E Double wasn't really a DJ.
4. What Bay Area city is home to DJ Q-Bert and Mixmaster Mike? Daly City, CA—NOT San Francisco. Don't always trust Wikipedia, people.
5. What was the proper spelling of Q-Bert's onetime turntablist crew? Invisibl Skratch Piklz
6. Who was Third Bass' DJ? DJ Richie Rich, a.k.a. Daddy Rich
7. What producer made his name as the first DJ to win all three major world championships (DMC, Vestax, and ITF)? Fool's Gold co-founder A-Trak—even at 15, dude was nasty!

1. Who is the first female to release a turntablism record? DJ Shortee
2. What name did the X-ecutioners originally go by? X-Men (before a threatened lawsuit by Marvel forced the name change
3. Who is the only DJ to win three consecutive DMC World Championships? DJ Craze
4. Name two of the Beastie Boys' DJs. DJ Double R, Hurricane, and Mixmaster Mike
5. Which one of these DJs has NOT rapped on record: Pete Rock, Kid Capri, Terminator X, DJ Muggs Terminator X (Muggs dropped a short verse on Cypress Hill's "If I Could Just Kill A Man")
6. What DJ squad did Mark Ronson belong to? Flip Squad All-Star DJs (along with Funkmaster Flex, Cipha Sounds, and others)
7. What two DJ/producers make up Duck Sauce? A-Trak and Armand Van Helden

1. Who was the DJ on Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"? Grandmixer D.St
2. Who is generally credited with inventing scratching? Grandwizard Theodore
3. What DJ's real name is Tijs Verwest? DJ Tiesto
4. Jay-Z's world tour DJ was a member of what DJ crew? 5th Platoon (DJ Neil Armstrong)
5. "DJ" means something different in reggae. Who is considered the first reggae DJ? U-Roy—while Duke Reid, Prince Buster and others were all disk jockeys per se, "DJs" came to be a phrase used to describe people toasting over instrumental versions.
6. Who first coined the term "disk jockey"? Walter Winchell
7. What two companies came together to create Scratch Live? Rane and Serrato

Day One:
Jay Basco, Michael Anzalone, Pablo Rodriguez

Day Two:
Dennis Wright, Benjamin Lau, Brittani Leak

Day Three:
Jo'ell Murphy, Laurence Holmes, Brian Fabello