Halo: Reach gets its first map pack next month. Which would be great, if we didn't already use all our sick days during the launch week. Ah, screw a job—we've got n00b blood to spill! [Kotaku]

A Wii-Mote that's all-Lego-errythang. Guess the old saying is true: If you build something they can buy, build, and play, they will come. Possibly in their pants.[Destructoid]

Everyone just calm down! Valve's new game, DOTA 2, has been announced. It looks and sounds amazing...and zombie-free, which is saying something these days. As is the case with every Valve announcement, our condolences go out to the Waiting For Godot Half-Life Episode 3 crowd. Someday, people, someday.[Game Informer]

This middle-aged man and his handmade portable Xbox 360 Slim just got their ESRB rating in, and it's looking like a strong V. For Virgin. [Gossip Gamers]

Five movies that should've been video games! Though we're noticing there are no Sasha Grey titles on this list. With interactive gaming tech like the Kinect, Wii-Motes, and PS3 Move, just seems like a missed opportunity for some kind of aerobic workout. [IGN]