blackopsThree weeks ahead of release, a retail copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops was stolen from the printing press. Cue Treyarch panic in 3...1... [Hooked Gamers]

Some dude who's clearly played too many JRPGs put together a flowchart so you don't ever have to play one. How did this guy not get a MacArthur Grant? [Imgur] has been redesigned, and we'll all see the results tomorrow morning—that is, if the old version hasn't crashed your browser and caused a kernel panic. Which it of course didn't, O Mighty Microsoft Lawyers! [Major Nelson]

We missed Nintendo's 25th birthday yesterday, so to make it up to you, we're sharing this timeline of EVERYTHING AWESOME THAT THEY EVER DID EVER. Unfortunately, Imagine Babyz is not on this list. [Gearlog]

Considering we were afraid to evey TRY Demon's Souls thanks to its infamous difficulty, the fact that some Japanese dude played the entire game in less than an hour makes us realize that we've found our next president. Sorry, Rand Paul! [Kotaku]