Audiophiles working on a budget might wanna keep their ears open to what Eskuchè has to offer. The L.A.-based company has made a name for itself by building headphones of a quality that belies their low price—headphones like today's Buy It Now, the 33 1/3 B. Sporting a vintage look that'll work for retro kids (or those who want over-the-ear headphones that won't make them look like Euro house DJs), these bangers offer up to 20Hz-20Hz frequency and utilize a technology coined LR Soundsystems that balances audio from the left and right sides to produce high-fidelity sound. Durable metal adjusters, a pliable headband, and leather-cushioned ear cups offer maximum comfort. Eskuchè even offers two cording systems: one for audio and one with a built-in microphone and answer/end call capability. Throw in a mesh carrying case for safekeeping and you won't find a better deal at this affordable price.

Eskuchè 33 1/3 B Headphones
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