Here's a fact: More than four million people have read Freakonomics. The non-fiction book, written by acclaimed economist Steven Levitt, and journalist Stephen J. Dubner, explores the economic incentives in issues not commonly covered by economists. The book theorizes legalized abortion as a crucial factor that reduced crime, uncovers institutionalized cheating that goes on in Japan's sumo wrestling etc. Now, for all those who read the original, this movie simply provides the visuals---directed by the likes of Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), and Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room)---based on different sections in the book. But for those who never even heard of the book, here's a good way to get familiar with the theories. So next time when you meet a douchebag in finance, you can at least front like you know. Watch the trailer, and check out the movie as food for thought this October 1st.

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