You have the option of immediately going into quick races, playing in multi-player mode, or going through an entire season in career mode. To get the most out of the game, we suggest going through career mode. Not only do you race through the real F1 calender, you have to do press conferences where you (the player) answer the questions. And the answers actually affect how your season will go. When it comes to race management, you can be completely hands off and let the computer do it all, or you can get your Christian Horner on and decide everything that goes down with your team during a race. Our main gameplay gripe, and it's a small one, is the lack of ability to really get gritty with the racing. Trying to brake late doesn't always give you the advantage, while the AI of the other racers becomes pretty predictable. However, one thing they did get right was the difficulty in overtaking. You'd have a better chance taking Nicole Scherzinger away from Lewis Hamilton.