Labor Day is the traditional start to political campaign season in the U.S. (and by "traditional" we mean before American politics became a 365-24-7 thing), and while you're posted up on the beach sipping Hurricanes getting battered by a hurricane, politicians across the country are saying the darnedest things in an effort to get your vote. It's not a presidential election, so there's no "Vote or Die" t-shirts or Shepard Fairey posters, but apparently the mid-term elections are when the real freaks come out, because this year we've got an epic collection of kooks, cranks, and crazies running for office. A couple of real gems have already gone down in defeat (one Democrat, one Republican), but there's still more than enough to make this fall very, very interesting. And just so you know which teabag you might be slamming your forehead against come November, we've got your guide to the Class of 2010 Crackpot Politicians.