We just got a first-look at Bose's new TV entertainment system, the VideoWave, and it's awesome. Crammed into the back of the 46" LCD HDTV you see above are six woofers connected to a redesigned Bose WaveGuide (which means, amazingly, zero vibration from the bass), as well as a bunch of newly built sound technology that can recreate the effects of a full-fledged sound system. The TV also comes with a mindblowing new remote control called the Bose Click Pad which features the minimal amount of buttons, but gives you the ability to control any peripheral through well-designed, on-screen menus that don't interfere with what you're watching. It's so good we wish Bose sold it separately. Start stacking your chips, though—the VideoWave will retail for $5,349 starting this October.

Just when the Droid 2 couldn't get cooler, Verizon releases the Limited Edition R2-D2 Droid 2 today. Star Wars fans are salivating as we type. [Computer World]

Apple looks to take out the competition, as recent rumors claim it plans to drop an all-new iPad with a built-in camera this spring. [Mac Observer]

A new study indicates that drivers who text while driving cause fewer accidents than originally predicted. [Ars Technica]

RIM looks to jump into the tablet market in 2011 with the unveiling of the PlayBook. [CNET]

So what will Steve Jobs's new mansion look like? Check out the blueprints. [Gizmodo]