Yesterday we took delivery of the all-new Apple TV, and in our short time playing around with it, we gotta say we're pretty impressed. While we finish putting together our thoughts and feelings on the updated digital content delivery set-top box, check out what other tech critics and pundits are saying about Steve's latest creation.

"None of the other options we've tested have felt as simple, solid, and easy to use as the new Apple TV. Putting content concerns aside (which admittedly is difficult to do), the Apple TV has a lot going for it." [Engadget]

"The bottom line is that the new Apple TV is easy to use and incredibly convenient for disposable content consumption. At $99, you have very little reason not to purchase one." [Techland]

"The new Apple TV is a spectacular hardware upgrade from the old model. The device is easy to use, and excels at three tasks: playing back content from local iTunes computers, renting iTunes content over the Internet, and playing back Netflix streams." [MacWorld]


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