NerdAlertTabletIf you're looking for the fast track to that New Jersey-authorized medical marijuana 'script, this new cancermobile could be the ticket. ViewSonic's new ViewPad is a superphone, 7-inch tablet that does all kinds of cool things on the Android Froyo platform. Check out all the specs. [Gizmodo]

Now you can charge an iPad and two iPhones at once! Umm...yay? [Photofast]

Possibly a new phone touchscreen that does multi-touch and synthetic-pen touch. Here comes the future. [Tech On]

It looks like Apple is going to announce a new iPod Nano model that will keep the same price tag and feature a 1.7" touchscreen. Sweet. [Apple Insider]

MySpace just linked up to the world, allowing users to sync their social media across Facebook and Twitter. Nice job, guys—we'll leave your late pass at the door. [Information Week]

Hey India-first BlackBerry, now you're trying to ban Skype and Google? Leave our companies alone. Go build a highway or something. [BBC News]