ChurchofGOOGLE Today, Google launched Google Instant, a technology that can save you between 2 and 5 seconds per search! Hot damn. More fuel for the Church of Google's claim that the engine is both all-knowing and infinite. Google Instant is great, but for real entertainment check out this site. [Church of Google]

Oh, and the new Apple iOS 4.1 is out. Yay! #whatadayforhipstertechnolgy [Apple]

So this online dating service OKCupid went and figured out what different races prioritize in their profiles. Let the profiling begin. Again. [Mashable]

Ever wonder how to get a real girl? Scientists figured out the dance moves to use if you want to trick with the ladies. This is getting way too easy. [CNET]

It looks like an asteroid will buzz Earth come 5 p.m EDT today. Where's Bruce Willis and co. when you need 'em? [Christian Science Monitor]

T-Mobile is getting the iPhone 3GS, but not the iPhone 4. Losers! [Apple Insider]

Microsoft drops the ball. Again. RIM just picked up the popular Documents to Go app. [PC World]

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