Does Facebook need its own Fail Whale? The world's largest social networking site experienced two outages this week and officials there place the blame on an "error condition" (whatever that means) on their database. Everything is up and running as of now, so go Poke and Like to your hearts' content. Phew! [CNN]

Bill Gates is still killing it. He just topped Forbes Ten Richest Americans List. [BBC]

Wanna know what $198,000 speakers look like? [Dvice]

Russia's building floating nuclear reactors right near the North Pole. Bwahahaha! Them ice caps don't stand a chance! [Gizmodo]

The future of cooking appliances looks a little something like...a handheld vacuum? [Appliancist]

Just when you thought wi-fi wasn't enough, here comes Super Wi-Fi! [Mashable]

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg shut down all rumors of the iPhone hitting the Android-heavy mobile carrier. It was nice to hope. [MSNBC]