Crime: This weekend, the Drug Enforcement Agency wants you to drop off your unused pills at collection centers, no questions asked. Over our cold, dead, overdosed body! [NPR]

Movies: Actress Kate Beckinsale is returning for Underworld 4 after skipping out on the franchise's third film. Smart choice. Part four is always the strongest. [Entertainment Weekly]

TV: Stephen Colbert testified to a Congressional subcommittee—in character. People actually showed up for a change. *shakes head and sighs* [Mediaite]

Politics: Texas conservatives want publishers to stop including so darn much about Islam in textbooks. In related news, young Texans may soon be able to sign up for AP Ignorance. [Associated Press]

Movies: Back in court today after failing a drug test, Lindsay Lohan could be sent to the same lockdown rehab center that Robert Downey Jr. went to. It comes highly recommended. [L.A. Times]


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