TV: The latest rumors have Nicole Scherzinger as a judge on Simon Cowell's new talent competition, X-Factor. Maybe she'll hire Paula Abdul's pharmacist stylist! [TV Squad]

Politics: Question: Which part(s) of the following statement are too preposterous to be true? Over the weekend, a gay Republican group called GOProud (a) held their "Homocon" convention in Houston (b), invited Anne Coulter to speak at it (c), and she said really conciliatory things to them (d). Answer: d (she told them they should oppose abortion because "as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who's getting aborted", among other lovely things). [Huffington Post]

Movies: Turns out Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson hates unions! Or something like that. And he's threatening to move the filming of his Hobbit series to Europe because actors' unions in his native New Zealand are threatening to boycott the production. Paging the Tea Party: wethinks you have a potential candidate in New Zealand! [NY Times]

TV: Last Comic Standing judge Greg Giraldo is in critical condition after ODing at a party in New Jersey over the weekend. Hey kids, them prescription pills ain't no joke; check yourself before you you-know-what. [FoxNews]

Death: Sometimes we've just got to quote the headline: "Segway company owner apparent Segway accident" (ellipses ours). At least he went doing something he loved (and made millions off of)! [CNN]