Comics: Grant Morrison, Kieren Gillen, Ryan North and others talk their wildest Comic-Con experiences. [Comics Alliance]

TV: Ever wonder what it looks like when a watermelon traveling at high velocity slams into somebody's head? Kinda like the Zapruder film, but comic and more gruesome-seeming. We might have to watch Amazing Race this season. [Warming Glow]

Politics: Here's the state of discourse in America today: If you're the governor of Mississippi and you take the oh-so-brave stand that burning the Koran is not a good idea, you better hedge your bets and question the president's birth. No Virginia, there's no monster underneath the bed. The boogieman in the closet, on the other hand... [Talking Points Memo]

Movies: One of the producers of the X-Men series is working on a Ronald Reagan biopic scheduled to be released late next year. Maybe now we'll finally find out where that guy was born! [Hollywood Reporter]

TV: Just 53 days 'til Halloween. A dollar a day will get you your own Jersey Shore wig! {Buzz Feed]

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