Comics: In an interview earlier this week, Brendan McCarthy kinda-sorta-maybe hinted about a Pixar-animated Dr. Strange movie. The prospects of that are so awesome (and will so not meet our impossible expectations for it) that we're just gonna run with the rumor. [Comics Alliance]

Movies: Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna are joining the cast of Will Ferrell's Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre. So it's gonna be funny, dreamy, and un-intelligible for a lot of America. Fuggit, we're still intrigued. [Hollywood Reporter]

TV: Eight True Blood sex acts you shouldn't try at home. [Nerve]

Movies: Christina Hendricks in an action flick? Uh, hell yes. [Variety]

Politics: Keep my name in your mouth! (II) President Obama's looking to make House Minority Leader John Boehner a household name. Spray tan boutique owners rejoice. [LA Times]