TV: You know how everybody says they watched "Letterman" or "Leno" last night instead of "The Late Show" or "The Tonight Show"? Well, Conan O'Brien's making things easy for folks by simply naming his new TBS late nighter Conan. That's genius lazy as fuck, but we're still watching him instead of those geriatrics when he premieres in November. [Team Coco]

Movies: The website for the ever-awesome Adam Green's new project, Hatchet II, is up. When you have a moment, please tell us how it is; we're too shook to click ourselves. [Dread Central]

Politics: Sarah Palin's on her Alaskan grizzly these days. She's scary, and scarily fascinating as well. [Vanity Fair]

TV: Scooby Doo x Batman on a new episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Stock up on the Scooby Snacks and weed now. [Comics Alliance]

Crime: The folk hero who's been peacefully hijacking NYC subway trains and impersonating MTA employees for 30 years got busted yesterday for commandeering a Trailways bus and taking it on a trip to JFK Airport. Good to know the old Rotten Apple still lives on, at least a little. Also, that's totally why we were late to work yesterday. [NY Post]