Photo By Andrew McLeod

You know actor Charlie Day best as dim-witted bar janitor Charlie "Green Man" Kelly on FX's laugher It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which returns for a sixth season on September 16, but this weekend you can see him on the big screen playing Justin Long's friend in the new rom-com Going the Distance. Generally speaking, we're not fans of the genre, but with Day on board you'll no doubt be seeing this one in the next edition of our list of romantic comedies that don't suck. To mark his move to movies, Complex caught up with Day for the "Mantras" feature in our August/September issue (see the Lindsay Lohan, T.I., and B.o.B. covers on stands now). Keep reading to see the rules that he lives his life by...

Charlie says: I know I've drunk too much when I don't remember drinking too much. It's become hard to go to bars because so many people want to buy me shots. Which is all good if one person does it. But if 10 people buy you 10 different shots, it's a pretty disgusting evening.


Charlie says: There's no hard and fast rule about PDA on the set. Just to make sure nobody has their cameraphones out when you're trying to impregnate your wife on the set. Not that I've ever done that. Willingly. But outside of that, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Charlie says: I went to college in the mid-'90s, so I was deprived of Internet porn. All we had were charcoal cave drawings and stick figures with boobs. But I think that's where I got all my imagination from. The youth of America today is just masturbating their imagination away.

Charlie says: I'm actually a super-intellectual. So smart that I can become a glue-huffing idiot character on TV and people believe it. Although I can't read or write, so that hasn't been too helpful in life. Most of the scripts I write are just drawings that I hope the cast understand.

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