When 2K Sports announced that notorious sports-game holdout Michael Jordan would be on the cover (and in the game) of 2K11, there were a lot of questions, the main one being "what's EA gonna do?" The NBA Live franchise didn't seem to be keeping up, and the specter of MJ seemed like it would be making things a lot tougher for the venerable (and vulnerable) franchise. Then EA hit on the idea of a reboot; the series would become NBA Elite, with promises of a better game. But EA Sports didn't stop there. They gave fans what they were looking for—nay, begging for: NBA Jam! Not only was Jam one of the best NBA games around, but it's one of the greatest arcade titles, period. EA might have pushed Elite back to next year, but they're also releasing standalone copies of Jam for all the major consoles (rather than bundling it with NBA Elite 11 for PS3 and Xbox 360, as originally planned). And now that we've spent some time with the new Jam, we're excited for many reasons, but we'll break it down to a simple five. We're heating up!