eliteA week before NBA Elite 11's launch, EA announces that they're holding it...until next year. Way to reinvigorate that NBA Live franchise, guys. On the bright side, at least NBA Jam will be available as a standlone for Xbox360/PS3! [EA Sports]

Not content to let Dead Rising 2 have a day all to itself, Rockstar just dropped the first look at an upcoming Red Dead Redemption DLC pack featuring zombies. Can we be the first to say "Enough!"? [Kotaku]

Fuck all this FPS rah-rah, we're amped for Donkey Kong Country Returns—and now we have a release date to wait for! Look for us at 12:01am on December 3; we'll be the only people in line outside Gamestop. [The Sixth Axis]

Japan's getting a WiiWare game that's essentially just a big-ass planetarium. Best. Stoner. Game. EVAR. [Joystiq]

Game Informer takes on video game mashups they'd like to play. We think we did it better four months ago, but hey, it's still enjoyable. #ourartdepartmentisstillbetter [Game Informer]