powersAngry Birds is cool and all, but now that there's a free Kenny Powers game for the iPhone, we may have to grab this for when we're in line at Mexican cockfights the DMV. On the reg.[Game Informer]

So that whole delaying NBA Elite 11 to next year? Yeah, that's gonna cost EA $60 million. And it may cost 2K Sports $60 million in Kleenex from laughing so hard they cry. [Gamespot]

Forza Motorsports and the UK TV programme (that's how they spell it!) Top Gear have signed a deal to bring the show's content to the incredible racing series—starting with a car pack from Stig's Garage. You know, the same Stig who's leaving the show and is being sued by the BBC. We love it when a plan comes together...then explodes in a hilarious fireball! [The Sixth Axis]

Despite the Nintendo 3DS has an official price and release date for Japan, some analysts are predicting that things won't go so smoothly for a stateside release. They said the same thing about Robbie Williams, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. [Joystiq]

It sounds like next year's Batman: Arkham City is going to trump Detective Mode by adding Interrogation Mode. The first thing we're gonna do is ask Poison Ivy if the carpet matches the drapes! [ComicsAlliance]