teabagThere are actually three sure things in life: death, taxes, and Halo kiddies being suppurating pustules on the ass of society. Thanfully, Bungie has their banhammer ready. [Destructoid]

So, uh, Nintendo outfitted a giant trailer with beloved game characters and is rolling through neighborhoods inviting kids in to play games. Don't laugh—that's how Lou Perlman formed N*Sync! [Game Informer]

Hey, The Huffington Post is doing game reviews now! That's cool, maybe we'll take a page from their playbook and start doing incisive political commentary! What's that? They don't do that either? Awww. Sadface. [Huffington Post]

The NBA 2K11 demo just hit Xbox Live, so grab that and find out if we were right about the new improvements. [Xbox Live]

Speaking of sports games, turns out Gatorade saw a sales boost from putting ads inside EA's many franchises. Oh, but when we try to buy a sixer of "that beer from Mafia II," we get thrown out of the bodega? Real fair, guys. [Gamasutra]