cammyNew downloadable Super Street Fighter IV costumes just got announced. Including this one for Cammy. Aaaaaand now there's a hadouken in our pants. [Game Informer]

In sad news, Little Big Planet 2's developers have pushed the game's release from this holiday to January 18, 2011. With that and the reported cancellation of Microsoft's Milo game for the Kinect, how are pedophiles supposed to lure in kids this holiday? [Little Big Planet]

Some hardcore fans go to hear orchestras perform video game soundtracks, and some hardcore fans just don't think that's hardcore enough. So they, uh, re-enact games themselves? Okay, we can't front, these are actually kinda cool. [Joystick Division]

A new dev diary for Bulletstorm is out, and it's suitably (dude) huge. So THIS is what Cliffy B is working on when he's not raving about Nicki Minaj. [Planet Xbox 360]

The new patch for Madden 11 is hitting the Xbox today, and it's...oh, it's not very good? Bummer for people who don't like playing real sports! [Pasta Padre]


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