Alyssa Milano's Twitter makes us realize a few sweet things about the Charmed actress: she adores her cute dogs and is nuts for the Dodgers. (But, presumably, not their dogs, since those dogs used to be cows. And pig anuses. But we digress). Yep, her gallery of SFTHTYM (safe for taking-home-to-your-mama) Twitpics is as wholesome and as classically sexy as they come. We're not sayin' she's a tease, we're just saying that she just made us do a double-take. Call us jaded, but it's been a while since a fully-clothed woman has had that effect on us. Given that crazy-ass miracle, we just had to spread the word about the existence of a hot, low-key chick. Now, get off Spank Wire and have a look-see at the hottest Twitpics of Alyssa Milano.