Wired E-I-C Chris Anderson believes the Internet as we know it is slowly being killed by all the new platforms that let you access online content through a closed, and occasionally paid for, app. We've heard this kind of talk before—Anderson even points out the time Wired predicted the death of the browser back in '97—but the piece gives a worthwhile opinion of where the future of the Net may be heading. [Wired]

Rumors suggest a 7-inch iPad will be in stores by Christmas. [Mac Rumors]

Ever wonder where the symbols for Bluetooth, Firewire, and even Apple's Spinning Beach Ball of Death came from? Click here. [Gizmodo]

Follow North Korea on Twitter: @uriminzok. Seriously. [NY Times]

AT&T thinks wireless net neutrality is for the birds [Engadget]

RIAA wants to make you listen to the radio on your phone. [Ars Technica]

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