McFlyPatentDon't go nuts, because this is probably as far as it's going to go, but Nike just patented the sneaker technology from Back to the Future II. You never know though, this is the future and all. Somewhere in Vancouver, Al Cabino is shitting his pants. [Nice Kicks]

What happens when you take a mildly attractive, moderately funny girl and have her engage the Geek community? We'll give you a hint: It starts with "$" and ends with "$$$$$$$$$$$". That chick from Mythbusters is getting her own gig. [Geeks are Sexy]

The PlayStation button icons really mean something. Yeah the triangle, circle, square, and x. Check it out. [Joystiq]

Canon EOS 60D. DIY rap-video ready. [Canon]

The Netflix app just launched for iPhone and iPod Touch. So you streaming movies on a small screen...with a wi-fi your house. Cool, but not necessary. [Crunch Gear]