TV: Laughing all the way to the bank: Jersey Shore's The Situation stands to make $5 million bucks this year. We're setting the over/under for his first appearance on Celebrity Rehab at three years. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Politics: So the Tea Party's come to New York, and now they're yelling at random passersby wearing Under Armour skullcaps. Which just reminds us why we don't travel west of the Hudson River (especially now that there's a TGI Friday's in Union Square!). [Talking Points Memo]

Comics: Our friends over at Comics Alliance have envisioned a SkyMall catalog for superheroes, complete with a Tony Starks wine glass holder, a Tigra Trimmer, and more. Hey, at least somebody's found a use for all those back issues of Comic Foundry laying around! [Comics Alliance]

Movies: Chris Wedge,, the director of Ice Age, is on board to helm an adaptation of the very cool, very creepy book The Lives of the Monster Dogs. As long as Ray friggin' Romano is not part of the project, you can color us very enthused. [Dread Central]

Crime: Remember that Sam Jackson/Kevin Spacey flick The Negotiator, about a wrongfully accused cop who takes a bunch of hostages and clears his name? Well, the real-life version in the Phillipines went down, but there was no Hollywood ending. [SF Gate]