Politics: Stephen Colbert snaps on righty radio host Laura Ingraham, pointing out that her new book, The Obama Diaries, a collection of fictional "diary entries" written by the President, is filled with "hideous, hackneyed racial stereotypes." What, Michelle O doesn't eat baby back ribs every night? [Talking Points Memo]

TV: A Taiwanese news channel illustrates the timeline of the Lindsay Lohan saga. LiLo's been through the wringer and back (and in the wringer again), but watching a Sims-like version of her troubles is fair game. [Vulture]

Comic Books: Marvel drops a teaser for Avengers Vs. Thunderbolts with a November 2010 release date. Why's it always got to be "Vs." though? Seriously, people, can we all get along? [Comic Book Resources]

TV: So yeah, it looks like Juno writer Diablo Cody sold a pilot to Fox, homeskillet. Even though there aren't, like, so many details about the script and stuff, we're thinking the prognosis for this one's "annoying as fuck." [Hollywood Reporter]

News: Cincinnati's Bernadette Music, who was accused of making multiple drunk calls to 911 in search of help a date, explains herself. Which reminds us, the probation on our own false 911 calls charge is totally up. [WCPO]


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